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Appeals Process

Transfer Appeals Policy and Process

“Students who, through no fault of their own, encounter legitimate difficulties in transferring from one institution to another must seek resolution of these difficulties through institutional procedures, with the assistance of academic advisors”.  Each institution has its own process for the review of a transfer decision. The transfer contact will explain the transfer appeals process at that institution.

Transfer Appeals Process

  1. Contact the articulation/transfer officer at the school you are transferring to. Your request should be in writing and include a detailed explanation of your appeal request.
  2. If you have exhausted all administrative remedies available at the institution to which transfer credit is being sought you may appeal in writing to the articulation/transfer officer at the institution that awarded the credit. The Transfer Office at the institution where the credit was earned will review the issues with representatives of the receiving institution.
  3. Cases which cannot be satisfactorily resolved may be reviewed by the Interinstitutional Articulation/Transfer Committee; the transfer/officer will at the student’s request present the issues to the Committee, providing any documentation submitted during the appeals process.

The Interinstitutional Articulation/Transfer Committee oversees the state’s transfer policies and practices. It generally includes representatives from each public institution.  The committee works to ensure that state and institutional policies and practices work together to enable students to transfer smoothly from one institution to another.

For questions regarding your transfer credit decision please contact the appropriate person listed below:

Community College of Rhode Island
Jude A. Tomasino
Office of Enrollment Services
1762 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI 02865
E-mail: jatomasino@ccri.edu

Rhode Island College
Lucy Saunders
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
600 Mt. Pleasant Ave
Providence, RI 02908
E-mail:  lsaunders@ric.edu

University of Rhode Island
Transfer Resource Center
John Rooney
108 Roosevelt Hall, 90 Lower College Road
Kingston, RI 02881
E-mail: transfer@etal.uri.edu

For more information about the appeals process contact:

Rhode Island Office Of Higher Education
Phyllis F. Harnick, Ph.D.
Assistant Commissioner for Higher Education- Planning
560 Jefferson Blvd, Suite 100
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 736-1115

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