Rhode Island Transfers

Aiding in the efficient facilitation of transfering credits among CCRI, RIC, and URI

How Courses Transfer

Courses can transfer among the three schools in a variety of ways.

  • Equivalent: Evaluated with a specific title and number, and transfers as an identical course.
  • Department Elective: Evaluated as an elective in a specific subject area.
  • Free Elective: Fulfills credit hours needed for graduation but does not meet department or general education requirements.
  • General Education: Fulfills one of the institution’s general education requirements.

Course-To-Course Equivalencies

The links below provide an alphabetical listing of equivalent courses that transfer between CCRI, URI and RIC.

  • Click on the school you would like to transfer courses TO.
  • Click on EQUIVALENCY SEARCH under the school you are transferring FROM.
  • The yellow icon ()¬†indicates that there are notes that you should be aware of.
  • If a course is not listed it may transfer as a free elective pending review.

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