How Do Your Courses Transfer?

Transferability refers to the conditions under which the Institution (CCRI/RIC/URI) accepts credits from other post-secondary institutions for inclusion in the student’s record. Transfer credits are awarded in accordance with the number of credits earned at the previous institution, even if a comparable course at the receiving institution is worth a different number of credits. The additional credits may be listed separately as elective credit.

Minimum Grade

A minimum grade of “C” at URI and RIC and a minimum of grade of “C-“ at CCRI is required in order to receive specific course credit. Course work in which a “C-“ (for URI and RIC) or “D” (URI, RIC, CCRI) may transfer as elective credit.

Grade Point Average

Only credits earned at other schools will transfer; the course grades and grade points will not appear on your transcript.

Residency Requirement

All students have residency requirements to satisfy in order to receive a degree, which often includes a minimum number of credits earned within the major. Click the following links for specific information on CCRI, URI and RIC’s residency requirement.

Age of Transfer Credit

The decision of the age limits of acceptable courses is determined by the receiving institution.

Detailed Transfer Policy