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Aiding in the efficient facilitation of transfering credits among CCRI, RIC, and URI

Interinstitutional Student Exchange Policy: RI Public Institutions

The RI Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner Interinstitutional Student Exchange Policy enables CCRI, RIC and URI students to take courses at one of the other public institutions of higher education without payment of additional tuition:

Full-time students matriculated at URI, RIC, or CCRI may enroll for a maximum of seven credit hours of their full-time schedule per semester at one of the other public institutions at no additional expense for tuition. Students will be subject to the course selection process applicable at the receiving institution. Summer session and continuing education registrants are not covered under this policy.

Check with the Records or Enrollment Services offices of the college or university where you are matriculated for the required forms and the procedures to follow.

View the Interinstitutional Student Exchange Policy.


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CCRI Interinstitutional Study Application

RIC Interinstitutional Study Application

URI InterInstitutional Study Application

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